Sunday, November 18, 2012

Check Out Our Amazing Raffle Packages!

Yes, we are biased, but we do believe that our raffle has the best prizes of any raffle we've seen!  Seriously.  Check it out:

For $1 per ticket, you get a chance to win the package of your choice.

Package A:  Dinner Out for a Year.  One lucky winner will get 12 gift cards to fantastic local restaurants, including Laurelhurst Market, Screen Door, Fire on the Mountain, Laurelhurst Cafe, Matador, Ate-Oh-Ate, Nicholas, Tapalaya, Dove Vivi, Laurelwood, Greek Deli, and Hob Nob

Package B:  Sweet Treats.  The winner will enjoy a delicious assortment of gift certificates to some of the tastiest spots in town:  Staccato Gelato, VooDoo Donuts, Crema, Alma Chocolates, Bakery Bar, and Cosmic Soda Pop and Candy Shop

Package C:  Make Over Your Wardrobe.  You can win a bundle of gift certificates to fabulous local boutiques, including Citrine, Tumbleweed, Garnish, PedX, and more!  Also pamper yourself with a pedicure from Fleur de Lys.

Package D:  Space Legos!  Two kids will be very happy to each win one of these elaborate Lego sets: Space Shuttle and Space Center

Package E:  Yakima Bike Rack.  The lucky winner will choose one of two Yakima bike racks--a  Doubledown Ace 4 (a hitch rack) or the Kingjoe Pro 3. 

Package F:  Alpaca Teddy Bears! Two kids will each win one of these cuddly, soft, hand crafted collectible bears from Heritage Ranch.
Our raffle generally makes $3,000-$4,000 for our PTA.  That's money that benefits every child at Laurelhurst School!

Tickets will be on sale at the Bazaar (Dec. 2nd), after school in the front hall the week before the Bazaar (Nov. 26-30), and in the office any time that week.

Email us if you need to make other arrangements to get your tickets (  You don't want to miss your chance to enter!

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